Orbital Welding Machine

When precise, identical work is needed repetitively then orbital welding systems are used.
Orbital welding systems use a computer/microprocessor that contains the programme for carrying out welds and since the computer is carrying out welds automatically, it leaves barely any room for error. The microprocessor can carry out welds identically every time.

It works by mechanically rotating the welding equipment through 360 degrees around the metal work piece continuously, while the metal remains static. This is ideal for performing welding work on pipe and tube.
Orbital welding systems use TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding to perform the automatic circumferential welds it carries out.

Orbital systems allow for a near identical weld every time. The automatic machine can perform welds better than by hand as it can move around the work piece easier, thus allowing for better quality welds.
As well as creating better welds, due to it being automatic there is far less to think about regarding safety. While a machine is performing the welds, a welder is not being exposed to the dangers of welding.
Multi pass is also possible with the use of filler wire over many levels.


Tube orbital welding machine


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Post time: May-29-2017
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